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          The Virgin Surgeons

Jesus ] The Surgeon ] Big Red ] [ Biography ]

It all started like this: Back in 1998, Jeremy was captured by guerillas in Honduras. He was held there for 8 months before escaping one rainy night. He fled to the nearest town where he began to beg for money. One night, he found a guitar laying in an alley. He began to play on street corners for food money. One day, while playing, he met Edd, a former bassist from Iron Maiden who was on his last few dollars. Edd was captivated by Jeremy's amazing talent. Edd instantly invited Jeremy on his adventures. The two slowly began their way North. Their adventures lasted many days in which they fought pirates, wrestled alligators and rescued a boy from a fire in Mexico. This boy was Taj. He had spent his days growing up in his fathers hand drum shop. He had hands quicker than Robert Redford. The other two decided that they needed a drummer and invited Taj to join them on their journey. The trio eventually made their way back to Tomahawk where they now reside. In their free time you may find them playing tag,  mud wrestling or baking cookies.


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